Patient Participation Forum

Aim of the Group

To represent the patients of Northfields Surgery and work alongside the partnership and practice staff to improve services to patients.


  • The PPG is open to all patients, registered at the practice
  • The patients that sign up to be part of the PPG must be committed to representing all patients and not the individual needs of the patients within the PPG.
  • PPG members mus be committed to attending as many meetings as possible.
  • The PPG will endeavour to make sure that members reflect the diversity of the practice population.
  • A Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary will be elected from the Group.
  • A third of members shall form a quorum at meetings of the committee (once the group is large enough)
  • Membership will be automatically terminated in the event of that member ceasing to be a patient.


The PPG will aim to:

  • Act as an advisory group providing perspectives and concerns from patients that can influence how services operate, how accessible they are and how suitable they are for the patients.
  • Advise the practice on how to improve communications with patients in the most beneficial way.
  • To monitor complaints and comments received about the practice.
  • To advise and act as a consultative group for any changes within the practice.
  • To review the results of patient surveys and suggest changes where appropriate.


  • The PPG will meet every quarter and these meetings, dates and times will be set in advance after the first initial meeting.
  • Any member of the PPG who is unable to attend a meeting to send their apologies to the chair of PPG and Practice Manager of Northfields Surgery.
  • The Practice Manager of Northfields Surgery to endeavour to attend all meetings and a GP will attend where practical, to present news of developments within the practice and to respond to issues raised by the PPG.
  • Other members of staff of the practice and third parties may also be invited to attend.
  • Minutes of the meeting will be sent to all members of the PPG as well as other communication areas, deemed appropriate.
  • Minutes and notices to be shown on the Practice website, to ensure maximum patient contact, so all patients are kept informed.

Northfields Surgery Commitment

  • Northfields Surgery will commit to the attending of the PPG Meetings.
  • Northfields Surgery will take forward issues and recommendations from the PPG and supply the responses of actions taken as a result.
  • Northfields Surgery will keep the PPG informed of service developments.

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